Orderprocess of products

Order process of products at Heybuy.

1. Heybuy has accounts with various wholesalers in Europe.

2. The sales partner can select products on the websites of wholesalers and suppliers and choose to sell in their own environment/ neighbourhood and online.

3. If the sales partner has selected products, he / she can use images of the products. Heybuy and the sales partner jointly determine sales prices based on purchase prices and costs and margins.

4. The sales partner communicates the correct sales prices to the potential customers. In doing so, he / she must inform his / her own customers very clearly that it is only when processing the order request that it appears that all products can be delivered.

5. The sales partner ensures that the customers make a down payment of 50%, under the condition that, when the product can not be delivered, one waits for another shipment or receives a deposit back.

6. Heybuy orders and pays, after receiving the down payment amounts, from the wholesaler (s).

7. Assume a delivery time to the customer of a maximum of 4 weeks. Communicate this very clearly to the customers.

8. Heybuy can follow the delivery via the wholesale website.

9. Heybuy takes care of 'forwarding' the delivery to the sales partner and afterwards the sales partner can transfer his / her customers the order and the purchase is completed.

10. Sales partner collects the remaining 50% of the sales amounts from the customers and transfers the fixed amount of money to Heybuy and keeps the remainder as profit. (Margin Heybuy/Salespartner: 30/70.) Example Time path Ordering and payment, sales partner> Heybuy> Supplier (s) After 3 weeks: Delivery at Heybuy. Heybuy sends> sales partner After 4 weeks: Delivery at sales partner Week 4/5: delivery to the customer.