Becoming salespartner from HeyBuy?

Sell freelance for Heybuy.

Your opportunity: Selling products for our company from your own home and sharing the net profit fifty / fifty.

That is possible now.

If you become a certified freelance salesperson, you gain access to the suppliers, where Heybuy purchases products and places products on our own website

It works as follows: You can choose products that you think you can sell or have sold through your own network of contacts or via your online options, such as Facebook, Instagram, Ebay or Social Media.

You can also promote our products from the website via your own network or online.

Do you want to know more or do you want to start right away?

Do you want to earn about 500-1000 euros a month with the right bet?

If you use the right way, this is certainly feasible. If you have registered, you will receive access, information and coaching from us.

Chat via ‘Nico Lhorst/Facebook’ or mail to:


1. You want to sell perfumes.

2. You order by us the products you have seen on the website of our suppliers.

3. We order it by our suppliers and you have to pay us the price of buying, before we send.

4. We send the stuff to yo uso you can sell it.

5. You pay us our part of the revenues (30%) and you keep the other 70%.